Economic responsibility (Prosperity)

​Economic responsibility (Prosperity)

Realising that we could not continue to do tomorrow what we did yesterday, over the last few years we have reviewed and refocused our business.

Our 2020Vision envisages that we will continue to grow Sappi into a profitable and cash-generative diversified woodfibre group. At a group level the product segments we have targeted are: graphic paper, packaging and specialities, dissolving wood pulp, and opportunities in adjacent fields.

In South Africa, our historic market segments have included coated and uncoated paper, and specialities, tissue wadding, containerboard, newsprint, dissolving wood pulp (DWP), paper pulp and sawmilling as well as plantation forestry. We conducted a critical review of each of these markets, with two main criteria:

  • Is the market profitable and growing?
  • Can we win in it?


The challenge was to convert our business to meet the exacting demands of these markets, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and streamline our product offering. Click here to view the actions we have taken.

In 2014, we launched Ultraflute, a lightweight semi-chemical fluting virgin containerboard which continues to enjoy strong support and has now become the benchmark for quality fluting in Africa. Building on this strong foundation, we launched Ultratest in 2015, a kraft topliner which can be used in both heavy industrial and light agricultural applications.

Click here to view the Ultraflute product brochure.

The forestry sector in South Africa is a substantial employer, both in its growing and processing components. In its growing component the forestry sector employs approximately 165,900 workers and provides a livelihood to 652,000 people living in rural areas.
Naledi Pandor, South African Minister of Science and Technology

We hold ourselves accountable to global sustainability best practice standards by transparently measuring, monitoring and communicating our economic, social and environmental performance.

We support the spirit of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and commit Sappi to significant planned and enacted transformation.

Our strategy of empowering our employees to reach their full potential extends to the communities around our operations.

Our holistic approach to the environment begins with responsible management and procurement of our woodfibre resources and continues through every aspect of the manufacturing cycle.

Our commitment to inclusive stakeholder engagement is based on regular, transparent communication underpinned by the principles of relevance, completeness and responsiveness.