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Use the interactive tools and data feeds in this section to keep up with Sappi’s latest share information.

There’s also plenty of detail charting our progress in recent years, as we’ve continued to grow into a profitable and cash-generative diversified woodfibre group.

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Browse our detailed information to learn everything you need to know about the Sappi ADR (American Depositary Receipt) programme.

Our policy is to consider dividends on an annual basis.

Our 2020Vision will deliver enhanced rewards for our shareholders, the top 20 of which can be found here.

Sappi is followed by a number of market analysts. Their names and contact details can be found herein.

Contact – Head Office
Graeme Wild
Group Head IR and Sustainability
48 Ameshoff Street
Braamfontein 2001
South Africa
+27 11 407 8111
+27 11 403 1493
Contact – North America
Robert V Rosenthal
Investor Relations Manager
255 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109
United States of America
+1 617 423 5413
+1 617 423 5494