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Neoterix ST gives medical institutions and other germ-fighting environments the first completely non-toxic solution for blocking bacterial growth on high-touch surfaces.
Sappi North America announced that it has been selected as a winner in the paper industry's prestigious 2016 Pulp & Paper International (PPI) Awards.
Graz Starting in December 2016, and continuing for at least the next 20 years, industrial waste heat from Gratkorn Mill will be used to heat 18,000 households in the city of Graz, 9km away.
Sappi Tea pack
Sappi Tea pack Mymeusli has launched four new tea-bag products using Leine Guard M barrier papers from Sappi.
FinancialMail CorporateReport
FinancialMail CorporateReport Corporate report. When a plan comes together. Hard work has finally paid off for the company, performance improvement on all counts.
PDF icon20161124 Sappi 80th profile in the FM 24 November 2016.pdf (5.37 MB)
Berry Wiersum
Berry Wiersum The company’s innovations focus on developing bio-compostable products and processes that reduce waste
Net profit for the year increased by 91%; debt reduction target achieved early; first dividend declared since 2008.
Algro Design by Sappi lends a special twist to the Swiss chocolatier’s extraordinary advent calendar.
Company unites to present full range of packaging grades and specialty papers.
Sappi Europe intends to increase prices for all Graphic Papers grades, reels and sheets, in the UK market by 10% effective 1st December for all new and non contracted business.