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Sappi Europe to increase prices for its European coated and uncoated fine papers
Sappi to increase capital expenditure
Sappi to increase capital expenditure Pulp and paper company Sappi has said that it was planning to increase its dissolving wood capacity by more than 30 percent in the next four years to extract maximum value from the wood fibre value chain.
Steve Binnie JSE
Steve Binnie JSE When a company’s CEO is given the honour of blowing the metre-long kudu antelope horn at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), it not only signals the ritual opening of the local financial market. It also marks the celebration of success – in this case, Sappi’s re-entry to the JSE Top 40 Index, as well as our 80th year of being listed on the JSE.
Sappi website homepage
Sappi website homepage Sappi Limited launches new website highlighting global presence, increased functionality and robust educational resources.
BerryWiersum hands
BerryWiersum hands RISI recently announced that Berry Wiersum, CEO of Sappi Europe, has been named as the RISI European CEO of the Year for 2017. Read this open and honest interview with mr Wiersum.
Sappi Europe and Felix Schoeller Group, Osnabrück, have entered into a collaboration agreement that includes the joint development of sustainable barrier paper solutions for flexible packaging applications.
Steffen Wurdinger
Steffen Wurdinger Steffen Wurdinger, Mill Director Ehingen, has taken up the position of Vice President Manufacturing, R&D and Technology Sappi Europe from January 1st , 2017 and has become a member of the European Management Team.
BerryWiersum.jpg RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry, today announced that Berry Wiersum, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Europe SA has been named RISI’s 2017 European CEO of the Year. RISI will present this award at the European Conference, which will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from March 6-8, 2017.